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Korlan Makeup Vanity Table

Korlan Makeup Vanity Table

  • Brand: Roomsmart
  • Product Code: KRL001
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $606.00
  • $364.00
  • UP-TO-THE-MINUTE STYLE: When you want a streamlined space to create your own brand of beautiful, the Korlan makeup vanity has it all! It takes up 42” x 16” of floor space, provides smart storage and display possibilities, and adds a contemporary eclectic elegance to any room.
  • SOFT WHITE FINISH: In gleaming white, the makeup vanity fits in anywhere as a neutral color that will blend with almost any décor style or color scheme. The glossy finish is designed to resist scratches, stains, water ring damage and yellowing from UV ray exposure.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Just like feminine energy, a makeup vanity can have a delicate look but be as tough as nails! The Korlan vanity is built to last from top-grade MDF boards and heavy-duty steel hardware for years of durability with normal daily use.
  • GOODBYE, CLUTTER: Three large drawers on each side, plus three small drawers across the top of the vanity provide lots of space to organize all the small things that you need every day, but don’t want out on the vanity table!
  • MAGIC MIRROR ON THE WALL: The Korlan vanity mirror is fixed in the center of a back panel, with additional mirrored panels that swing open to create a triple mirror to direct to see all angles of the face and hair!

When you’re creating your own brand of beauty, there’s nothing like a special place to put it all together! The Korlan Makeup Vanity is the perfect choice to organize your beauty supplies, with three large drawers on each side and three more smaller drawers across the top, all in just 42” x 16” of floor space! Quality construction mean that your vanity is made to last for years of regular use, built from premium MDF boards and joined with heavy-duty steel hardware and easy-glide drawer rails. The finish is durable, resistant to scratches, stains, water ring damage and fading or yellowing from UV ray exposure. The vanity is finished in gleaming white, creating a clean look and a neutral color that will be easy to combine with your favorite color scheme and décor style. Best of all, it has a magic mirror that is mounted on a back panel and opens to create a triple mirror to see all the angles and make sure the makeup and hair is perfect before you leave for work or date night! When you want the best experience for your daily beauty regimen, you want the Korlan Makeup Vanity!

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55.7" H x 42.2" W x 15.7" D

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MaterialParticle board

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